Beige. Tan. Taupe. On their own, these colours sound safe — perhaps a little boring. But these must-have eye shadow shades are versatile, stunning, and yep, even hot.

If there’s one woman who knows her nudes, it’s Bobbi Brown. And, as part of her eponymous brand’s new collection – created in collaboration with Kate Upton and inspired by Upton’s hometown of Florida – it’s the new limited edition Hot Nudes Eye Palette that has really caught our attention.

“This collection channels hot summer days, sexy summer nights and Kate’s easy confidence,” says Brown.

Housed in a sleek black compact with unexpected neon pink accents, this sophisticated palette houses eight shades, designed to suit all skin tones.

Layered or worn alone, these eye shadows are every bit as stylish as they appear – and the best part is there’s not a single throwaway in the bunch (which, let’s be honest, happens a lot).

Offering three buttery matte shades (ivory, nude petal and blackest brown) and five frosty rose-gold-spiked hues (smoke, peach sugar, cement, bronzed beige and nude glow), it’s the versatile bronzed beige (pictured second from below) that we’re using down to the pan. Dusted over any shadow (or worn alone), it lends the most elegant twinkle.

Think of this palette like a handheld gateway to the modern smokey eye — it can be used to create anything from a subtle day time look to a smouldering style for night, resulting in endless combinations.

Ultimately though, what makes this palette modern and indeed different from others, is that it’s so damn easy to use.

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I love beige, taupe, nude shadows - they're so perfect for every day wear when you can't spangle your eyes in glitter haha. They also look so polished, so I definitely need to get this palette.

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