Spring Racing Carnival is upon us and while the dress and headpiece definitely are important, so too are makeup, hair and accessories.
To ensure you look polished all day long, here’s some beauty tips for creating the ultimate track side maquillage:
If you’re going to commit to a bold pink or red lipstick, which is perfect for Crown Oaks Day, then you have to really commit. Sitting track side and sipping on champagne means it’s unlikely you can avoid touch-ups but you can limit them. To make your lipstick go the distance, start by lining your lips first with a lip liner. Apply the liner over the entire lip – not just the edge. Then, apply your lipstick and blot lips with a folded tissue. Apply another coat of lipstick. Next, take a fresh tissue and place it on top of your lips so it sticks. Dust over the top with a translucent powder. This will stop the pigment from bleeding and will also offer a matte finish, which lasts longer than gloss.
If you’re wearing a veil fascinator across the eyes, it doesn’t mean you can’t jazz them up. Derby Day calls for black and white and the perfect way to add a sophisticated touch is with a smokey eye. The key, however, is to stop your eye makeup from creasing half way through the race. To do this, before applying your eyeshadow, apply an eye primer to eyelids. If you don’t have one, lightly dabbing concealer will suffice. Plus, by opting for a dark smokey eye, you can then choose a black clutch or pair of heels to match.
Headpieces come in all shapes and sizes, from dainty fascinators, to bold (and sometimes heavy) hats. When choosing head wear, consider experimenting with different hairstyles to figure out what works with certain styles. If you want your head wear to be the feature of your look, then consider pairing your hair back into a ponytail or low bun. Come the morning of racing day, remember to style second day hair. If it’s freshly washed, it’ll be too sleek and slippery to hold.
Finally, don’t forget to pack handbag essentials such as bobby pins, band aids, a compact mirror and a travel-size perfume so you can keep fresh!

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