The general consensus on beauty coming out of Spring 2017 Fashion Week is that it was relatively understated.

Still, that doesn’t mean there was any shortage of inspiration. In fact, understated is exactly the kind of makeup we wear daily, so if anything, it’s inpso galore.

All your favourite beauty staples were there from top knots at Dior to glorious sun-kissed skin at Balmain, and beachy, surfer-girl waves at Alexander Wang. Stick-straight hair made a comeback at Versace and Victoria Beckham, and one NARS lipstick ruled them all to become the shade of the season (find out which one below).

So go and be inspired. Here’s our pick of the best beauty looks from New York, London, Milan and Paris, striking the right balance between wearable and experimental.

Would you try these trends?

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Alexander Wang

VIBE: Surf’s up.
HAIR: The daringly brilliant Hair Director for Redken, Guido Palau, had about 20 or so of his models get their hair cut and bleached platinum blonde backstage for this show. Like, NO BIGGIE or anything. Though, the results were ultra cool. Australian hair stylist, Michele McQuillan, who was working on hair backstage at the show says it was all about the sea salt spray: “letting the hair dry naturally, then scrunching [with product] if needed to keep it all looking and feeling organic”.
MAKEUP: Makeup Director Diane Kendal wanted “that look of natural colour that someone gets when they’ve been kissed by the sun”. Face and Lips were also dabbed with NARS Stick Concealer.

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Victoria Beckham

VIBE: Bold & Chic – classic Vicky B.
MAKEUP: Utilising Beckham’s very own limited edition cosmetics with Estée Lauder, Makeup Artist Extraordinaire Pat MaGrath created three striking custom-eye looks for the runway. Each girl had either a swatch of jewel sapphire, saffron and burnt sage from the Beckham’s signature eye palette across the lid in a straight line.
HAIR: Again, Hair Director for Redken, Guido Palau, was behind the insanely good hair at this show. Longer manes were in and tonged straight and sleek, parted in the centre. Working backstage, Aussie hair stylist Michele McQuillan described the show as beautifully classic with “perfectly straight and long, polished, luscious, luxurious and youthful hair”.

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J.W Anderson

VIBE: Inspired by Henry VIII and the House of Tudor
MAKEUP: Let’s please a moment to froth over this makeup. It’s SO good, we’re just short of getting it framed. It is after all, royally-inspired. And if you’re wondering what that gorgeous lipstick shade is, it’s NARS next best-seller Kiss Me Stupid (new for Spring 2017). For now try NARS Morocco Lipstick. Apply is with your fingers as Makeup Director Mark Carrasquillo has done here.
HAIR: Anthony Turner for L’Oreal Professionnel led the charge for hair with polished, luscious tresses to complement the beauty look.

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VIBE: Lost at sea
MAKEUP:  Monochromatic makeup was once again at large at Erdem, with the same colour being used as a stain on eyes, cheeks and lips by legendary Makeup Artist, Val Garland. That shade? NARS Cosmetics Kiss Me Stupid Lipstick strikes again (new for Spring 2017). For now try NARS Morocco Lipstick.
Session stylist Anthony Turner partnered with ghd to create the “wispy, shipwrecked braids” for this show. “The Erdem girl is always on a journey and this season she’s from the 16th Century and has been at sea,” he says of his vision.

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VIBE: Sport luxe
MAKEUP: Skin was kept matte to distinguish models from looking sweaty in their athletic Versace apparel. Really though, everyone’s eyes were on the dangerously luminous silver pigment Pat MaGrath brushed onto the inner corner models’ eyes.
HAIR: Some models got bangs and extra layering cut into their hair backstage for that rock ‘n’ roll ’50s feel. Those who escaped the chop had their long manes ironed stick straight (we’re having early 00s flashbacks). “It feels fresh again to see hair this ironed,” says Guido Palau for Redken.

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Jil Sander

VIBE: Masculine & minimal
MAKEUP: Because the fashion was all about ’80s power dressing, faces were left almost completely bare by makeup artist Lisa Eldridge so as not to compete. Save for brows, which were well-groomed to match the strong sartorial structure of the clothes.
Session stylist Sam McKnight created custom hairstyles for each model, from low ponytails to chignons at the nape of the neck, but each with a deep side-swept part.

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VIBE: Modern glamour
MAKEUP: Makeup artist Tom Pecheux gave models a golden-bronze contoured complexion but left traces of smudged grey makeup on eyes for attitude, which the Balmain woman has in bucketloads. Clear gel was applied onto the ‘lids, lips and cheek bones to complete this look.
HAIR: The style was slicked back wet, as if models had jumped out of the pool and combed the water out of their hair, and in the same movement created the world’s most perfect deep-side part.

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Christian Dior

VIBE: Prim but not too proper
MAKRUP: Creative and Image Director for Dior Makeup, Peter Phillips focused on creating a glowing, luminous complexion on models, using coral and peach shades on eyes and nails to keep the beauty youthful and modern.
 Bringing together two of our absolute favourites, the top knot and the braid, was none other than MVP of Spring 2017 Fashion Week Hair, Guido Palau for Redken.

Tell us, which trends from Spring 2017 are you keen to try?



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