April 06, 2022

8 Celebrity Micro Tattoos We Are Lusting Over In 2022

Hollywood has found its newest obsession: fine line tattoos.

Gone are the days of tattoo sleeves and multi-coloured designs, 2022 is the year that tattoos have been reimagined. Micro tattoos, also known as ‘fine line’, are all the rage in Hollywood with celebrities such as SZA, Bella Hadid and Ariana Grande hopping on the trend. Their dainty size and intricate detailing have captured an audience of tattoo newcomers and style minimalists, contributing to their trendy status. Celebrity tattoo artists and fine ink originators ‘Mr K and Jonathan ‘JonBoy’ Valena are booked and busy, thanks to their star-studded list of clients. But it’s the discrete nature of fine line work that makes them so popular, with many opting for the style as an introduction into the world of ink.

Their simplicity also means they are quicker (think 15-30 minutes) and almost pain-free. Often tiny in size, the art acts much like an accessory and can be tailored, layered, and stacked. Gone are the days of long deliberations, hours spent in a tattoo chair and unbearable pain. With tiny tattoos, lunchtime appointments, spontaneous decisions, and delicate results are in the palm of your hand.

Looking to join the newest tattoo trend? Here, we have curated the ultimate celebrity inspo list for your next tiny tattoo.  

celebrity micro tattoos

Selena Gomez

Brand owner, singer and actress, Selena Gomez, added to her tattoo collection in 2020. As a nod to her third solo album, the fine script ‘Rare’ tattoo was placed under her ear. Gomez has since launched a beauty brand sharing the same name. 

Bella Hadid

In 2020, Bella Hadid showed off dual shoulder tattoos. Reading ‘I Love You’ and ‘My Love’ in Arabic, the model’s tattoos pay homage to her Palestinian and Jordanian heritage. 

Ariana Grande

With over 40 tattoos, Ariana Grande is no stranger to the world of ink. As a standout piece in her collection, Grande placed a micro bee image behind her left ear in 2018. Captioning her unofficial Instagram ‘announcement’ post with, “forever ☁️”, the tattoo commemorates the 22 lives lost during the 2017 terrorist attack at her ‘Dangerous Woman’ concert in Manchester.


SZA is among a long list of Hollywood names to have opted for a fine line tattoo. In 2019, the ‘Good Days’ singer added new ink to her collection in honour of her late grandmother, Norma. Placing the name on her neck in a delicate cursive script.

Hailey Bieber

In October of 2020, celebrity tattooist ‘Mr K’ shared his latest work on model and media personality, Hailey Bieber. Receiving a dainty ‘J’ on her ring finger, the piece celebrates her marriage to ‘Ghost’ singer, Justin Bieber.

Kylie Jenner

The Kar-Jenner crew are big fans of the micro tattoo movement. Business mogul and social media personality, Kylie Jenner, was early to the trend in 2016, sharing her ink to Instagram before it was cool. Reading ‘Mary Jo’, the tattoo acknowledges her late grandmother in dainty red lettering. 

Emma Chamberlain

Gen-Z social media star, Emma Chamberlain, received her first tattoos a mere week ago. Ever the trend-setter, Chamberlain joined the tiny tattoo team, featuring eight new images across her arms. As one of eight, a fine-line paint brush duo represents her father and his occupation as a painter.

Zoë Kravitz

Star of The Batman, Zoë Kravitz is a seasoned tattoo recipient. With over 55 tattoos, the star’s artist took to Instagram in 2016 to share his contribution: twinning leaf work on Kravitz’ hands.



This is such a good article! So well written! I love the simple tattoos! Sooooo chic!

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