Linda Rodin’s style proceeds her.

The silver high-pony, the chic shades, the red lipstick; they all add to the New York native’s allure. But it’s her straight-talk and beauty brain we’re more interested in.

You see, Rodin is the OG luxury oil maven, potentially responsible for galvanising the world’s love affair with skincare oils with her eponymous range RODIN Olio Lusso. She’s also nothing if not endearingly honest about her low-key approach to beauty, which makes her a favourite to interview.


Nat Thomas

I simply love it when older (more mature) women show their skin some TLC! Mature skin definitely needs some love and attention so that it looks fresh and glowy! Some laser treatments can also be great for treating the early signs of ageing (such as fine lines, and the neglected neck!!! Great article!

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