2016 is shaping up to be an exceedingly busy year for Aussie actress Jodi Anasta.

From her exclusive collaboration with personalised leather accessories label Mon Purse to news she’ll be returning to our screens next month on long-standing TV soap Neighbours, to her recent appointment as the face of PUMA Australia; Anasta is kicking goals, crossing off lists and leaning in to her ambitions.

In our latest Beauty Talk, the alluring brunette shares her daily beauty essentials, the beauty lessons she’d like to pass on to her daughter Aleeia, and the unexpected trick she uses to keep her brows ever-striking:

GRITTY PRETTY: Earlier this year you released a capsule collection with Mon Purse. Congratulations on that collab – tell us, what beauty products do you keep in your personal MP?
JODI ANASTA: I always have a mixture of beauty products on me: Paw Paw, NARS Bronzer in Laguna, Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lip Colour, Becca Blush in SongbirdActinica SPF 50+, and Perfect Potion Balancing Mist.

GP: How would you describe your approach to beauty in five words?
JA: Simple, fresh, sexy, dewy and…easy!

GP: We’ve been long-time admirers of your brows. What (or who) is your secret?
JA: [Laughs] That’s so funny because I haven’t touched them in years! The only thing I do is lighten them by a shade when they get too dark. I’ve been told my brows should always be a shade or two lighter than my hair.

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GP: What’s the best beauty tip you’ve picked up on set that you actually used in your own regimen?
JA: Probably that tip about my brows being a shade or two lighter than my hair. If my brows are slightly lighter it softens my face. I never saw it like that because I love a bold brow, however you can still achieve boldness in a slightly lighter tone.

GP: You’ve also got enviable hair too. The colour is always on point and it’s so naturally styled. Do you have any plans to do anything radical with it?
JA: At the moment I’m just trying to grow it and keep it really healthy. I have an amazing little family at Oscar Oscar Paddington who help me maintain the colour. I’m literally in there every three weeks as my hair is very brassy. I think colour, condition and cut is everything and will keep your style looking amazing no matter what length it’s at.

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GP: Have there been any surprising changes you’ve made to your beauty regimen since becoming a mother?
JA: I actually lost about a third of my hair when I was pregnant so after I had Aleeia (now 2-years-old), I’ve just focused on strengthening it and letting it grow. As for my skin, I was lucky – it was great when I was pregnant!

GP: What lessons in beauty will you be passing on to your daughter?
Slip slip slap. I’ll also been teaching her how to take care of her beautiful skin.

GP: Are there any ‘beauty goals’ you’ll be keeping for the rest of 2016?
I’ve just started using a new laser at Laser Clinics Australia and it’s honestly changed my skin and the texture of it. It’s called Bionic Laser. My plan is to use that as much as possible and to keep my skin hydrated, especially during the dry winter months. Wearing so much makeup for work, it’s important I have these treatments frequently and an effective skin care routine to keep my skin at its best.

GP: The first half of 2016 has been such a ride. What’s next for the second half?
JA: I have some really challenging storylines coming up on Neighbours which is exciting. I’ve just signed on with PUMA too which will open me up to a whole new range of work! I also have a lot on with Myer and Mon Purse.

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