Loyal, passionate and ready to speak her mind, Jesinta Campbell has proven she’s much more than a pretty face.

As a runway regular, Jesinta Campbell is certainly no stranger to working the cameras. But, it’s this very position in the spotlight, that she draws upon to voice her opinion and inspire others, is what sets her apart.

“Do not take the back seat, stand up for what you believe in and devote fierce loyalty to your friends and family,” Campbell told contributing beauty journalist, Michelle Bateman, during her exclusive editorial for Gritty Pretty Magazine’s summer 2016 issue.

For the Gold-Coast-native-turned-Sydneysider, modeling was always about more than just looking good in pictures. When she entered the Miss Universe competition in 2010, she says, “I knew that if I won, it was a fantastic platform for me to be able to assist those who need it.” She placed second runner-up but never lost sight of her main goal. “For me, the basis of my career was to give back.”

For the second year in a row, this means working with hair care brand Joico on their annual Joi of Giving campaign, in support of children’s charity the Starlight Foundation. “Being involved in the campaign last year really had an impact on me,” she recalls now. “Going to visit the children and their families in the Starlight Express Room [at the Sydney Children’s Hospital] was something that will stay with me forever.”

If this sense of social awareness and compassion belies her young age (Jesinta is just 24!), her work ethic blows it out of the water. For Gritty Pretty’s sunrise shoot at Sydney’s Little Bay, she barely blinked at the 4am start time. And when she says: “Every year I set myself a new set of goals ,both personal and professional. I am yet to not complete one”, you just know it’s no exaggeration.

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Photography: Tane Coffin for Gritty Pretty

Styling: Charlotte Stokes

Hair: Sarah Laidlaw

Makeup: Ania Milczarczyk


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