In most cases, when it comes to fragrance, you get what you pay for.

And what you’re paying for in the case of Maison D’Amore – an Australian-designed, Parisian-made luxury candle house – is superior quality-scented, hand-poured wax set in individual black and white glass jars.

Founded in 2012 by Sydney-based creatives Hayley Bonham and Nadia Rosa, the range which took two years to create, consists of two strong scents inspired by their respective grandmothers, Mary-Ellen Maison and Dora D’Amore; and their mutual passion they shared for fashion, art and fine fragrance.

When launching the brand, Bonham and Rosa said, “We saw a gap in the market for candles that carried our signature black and white, minimalist aesthetic and no one had produced the scents that we had in mind.”

Bonham adds, “Working in the fashion industry as a stylist and running our own PR agencies, Nadia and I were fortunate enough to produce strong visual content and campaigns and collaborate with the best in the industry to bring our brand to life.”

Partnering with a top French perfumer, Bonham and Rosa did so with a clear vision and philosophy in mind: to product the highest quality, luxury candles that trigger lasting memories.

In saying all of this, candles are nothing new to the beauty world, which both women are aware. “When we started, the market for fragrance and candles was quite saturated so it was important to us to launch with two signature scents that made a strong connection to consumers,” admits Bonham.

Creating a brand with minimal monotone packaging was equally just as important for Bonham and Rosa as they wanted the brand to remain unisex. “We both have a lot of male friends that appreciate fragrance and candles, but have felt intimated to purchase them as they are seen as a product geared more towards females.  Creating a unisex scent that evokes a strong masculine connection has really opened up a market that has traditionally remained untapped.”

The most masculine of the two, Feuille De Tabac – a heady seductive blend of tobacco leaves, elemi wood, cinnamon and honey – brings a bit of winter wonder to the home. And, as Bonham describes it, “it smells like a sophisticated cigar lounge”. Only, you want to inhale the scented fumes.

At the other end of the spectrum, a lighter Fleur & Rhubarbe screams summer in a “cool, nonchalant and fresh way”. Delicate notes of jasmine, magnolia and grapefruit fill the air before rose, peony and mimosa lay ground.

While Maison D’Amore’s range remains as a strong two scent edit, there are plans to expand. “We are currently working on the development of two new scents with our perfumer out of Paris. We will release a new female scent and new unisex/male scent, due for launch this September.” Now, that’s something worth waiting for…

Tell us, what’s your favourite luxury candle?

Have you tried Maison D’Amore?

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Their ad campaign is beautiful. I've seen these candles before & love their simplistic design. On an unrelated note, where did you get that beautiful "My Bucket List" book?

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