Do you want to go to the seaside? It’s a very excellent question often asked by a band called The Kooks.

Drawing inspiration from the mineral scent of rugged seaside cliffs, Jo Malone’s new Wood Sage & Sea Salt collection encapsulates the beauty of an English coastline.

Waves break white water and the air fills with salt and sea spray. It’s lively, spirited and oh so blissful.

Combining a heart note of sea salt with the woody earthiness of sage and ambrette seeds, like driftwood, it has a natural and fresh sophistication.

“(It has) a complex combination of wood and the sea at its core,” says Christine Nagel, Jo Malone Master Perfumer. “The feeling is of free-spirited liberty and joy.”

You can shop Jo Malone Wood Sage & Sea Salt here.

The first 100 entrants who enter their details here will receive a complimentary sample.

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Please take me to the seaside Jo Malone because I can't get there myself fir a while...

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