It’s a truth universally acknowledged that fuller brows are best.

It’s another truth – less-acknowledged but just as universal – that many of us over-plucked our brows sometime between 1999 and 2010, and now we simply do not have enough hair there to shape and sculpt it into anything worth a Snapchat.

Having naturally sparse or thin brows during a full-blown brow renaissance is a tad inconvenient. Everyone (us included) is peddling the ‘bushy boy brow’ look and telling you to brush upwards and you’re all like, “I don’t even HAVE brows!”.

If this is you – or your older sister, a friend or an aunt – there’s a simple solution. Several, really.

To solve this all-too-common problem, we went straight to the top and asked help Australia’s premier brow experts to share their secrets for a swift brow recovery. You’re welcome.



While you’re growing your brows out, it’s important to get them mapped into a good shape by an expert (key word), but adding depth of colour will make a huge difference too.

“Brow tinting is a great way to make the most of what you have and helps blend-in any new growth into a fuller shape. It’ll make colour more consistent and deal with those dreaded naturally-highlighted (read: ‘greying’) hairs as well,” says Supple, who is Sydney-based.

Just make sure you colour match properly. Supple warns that this is where many people go wrong: “A permanent brow tint should be done professionally to match the right colour to your hair and skin tones. We usually aim for 2 shades darker, using the darkest tones in your main hair colour as a guide.”

If you’d prefer a non-permanent option, there are an increasing number of products available that’ll give you the look and feel of a fuller brow day to day. And because of the high demand, there are more shades now than ever before.

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Urban Decay Brow Tamer
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Benefit Cosmetics Gimme Brows (new packaging & shades available 22 July)

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To speed up the hair-growing process, Benefit Brow Experts, Hannah Terrett and Danessa Myricks advise making the new Browvo! Conditioning Primer (available 22 July) a regular part of your routine. “You can use it in the morning and overnight. It’s infused with keratin and soy, both ingredients that will really help strengthen and give your brows longer length,” says Terrett.

“But what about actually growing hair back?”, we pursue.

“Everyone has a unique experience with this product. I had a unique experience where I suddenly now have a brow tail that I didn’t have before,” shares Myricks. “While the product was only designed to give brows the look and feel of being fuller, we’ve had a lot of people have some interesting experiences with it.”

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Renowned celebrity brow artist Amy Jean says: “If you know your brows can grow out, give them time. It’s a tedious process however seeing a brow artist every two months will help map out the shape you are aiming for.” That’s the first step.

“However, if you have accepted that your brows simply do not grow, then brow feathering (a modern, advanced form of brow tattooing) may be your best option. This procedure is relatively topical and fades out of your skin within 1-2 years. You can opt for a subtle enhancement of fine strokes that mimics real hairs known as ‘feather brows’ or a richly-defined wash of colour referred to as ‘powder brows’.”

This is often something women do as a last resort, but Jean advises taking time to do your homework. “Thoroughly research artist’s results through social media and be sure the artist hasn’t just done a 2-day course! We hear so many horror stories, so please remember it’s a TATTOO!” she stresses. “Ensure your brow tattooist is a member of the Australian Association of Cosmetic Brow Tattoo Artists, which means they are government certified and practicing ethically,” she adds.

And the pain?… “Some ladies fall asleep; some are extremely nervous until we start. But generally people say, ‘is that all?’ and we continue to apply numbing solution once the skin is broken too.”

Jean’s highly-acclaimed brow tattoo treatments start at $695  (available in most major Australian cities).

Amy Jean Brow Ink
Amy Jean Brow Velvet

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Did you over-pluck your brows in the late ’90s?

What methods have you tried to recover your brows? Tell us, what’s worked and what hasn’t?


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