Whether you’re entirely new to fake tans, addicted to the stuff or somewhere in between, trying a new product can feel like risky business.

No one wants to end up like Ross Geller – or WORSE, Donald Trump. The good news is that with the formula advances, there’s no excuse for looking like an orang-utan. Still, we want more MORE than a natural-looking, streak-free glow. Our concerns have now upgraded to product design, skin nourishing formulations and limited downtime.

With this in mind, we fake-tanned each of our limbs this week with the newest and greatest offerings this summer. Below are our top picks, along with some genius self-tanning hacks from the world’s leading self-tan experts.

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SKINNY TAN Tan & Tone Oil
Aussie cruelty-free brand Skinny Tan uses a natural tanning agent to stain skin with a colour that’s true to the end result so you can immediately gauge whether you’re in too deep. If you’re happy with the shade of cinnamon you’re rocking, leave it – the tan doesn’t get too much darker after the initial application.

Model Co. One Hour Tan
It’s the award-winning formula you know and love, in a quarter of the time. Their new One Hour Tan mousse, as its name suggests, takes an hour to develop into a subtle coastal tan; two hours and you’ll be looking like you spent a weekend in Bali; after three you could be mistaken for a contestant off Australian Survivor.

Ella Baché Great SPF 50 Sunglow Spray
This is one you can wear to the beach! In fact, we insist you wear it down to the ocean. With its SPF 50+ rating and two hours of water resistance, it doesn’t just boost your complexion, it also protects your skin while you wear it. Genius. The universal shade (pictured here on Aussie model Tahnee Atkinson) blends flawlessly under moisturiser. Just one thing… the formula has a subtle shimmer that’s not visible until you apply.

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St. Tropez Bronzing Mousse Self-Tan Classic
OK, busted: this one’s not 100% new, but tanning with St. Tropez is a rite of passage. They’re also continuously updating their formulas so it’s probably a different one than the last you tried. For beginners: don’t be alarmed if the mousse comes out a tinge of green; this helps colour correct any red or yellow tones in the skin and once blended, the stain is true to the end result.

James Read H20 Gradual Tan Mist
The latest stroke of genius by UK Self-Tan Expert James Read (whose clients include Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Lara Stone) is the H2O Tan Mist, the first 96% rosewater facial mist to contain natural DHA tanning agents, but also zinc for fighting acne and coconut oil for hydration. The tan is incredibly gradual so mist as much as you please.


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Tell us, do you use fake-tan? If so, we’d love to know which one!


Jenelle Witty

I haven't tried some of these, thanks! I've been trying Luna Bronze, a newer one I picked up, it smells really good. Though St. Tropez is ultimately my fave. xx Jenelle

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